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Man Builds Exact Replica of the Oval Office Inside His Home

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On this week's episode of the TLC reality show My Crazy Obsession, Texas man Ron Wade reveals the nearly life-size replica of the Oval Office that he had built in his home. Wade spend $250K and more than three years of his life designing and constructing the room, which appears to be a decor mashup of many former Presidents' Oval Offices, with details such as a custom-made ceiling and portraits that mimic ones that have hung in Washington. "I retired eight years ago and was looking for something to do," Wade told Yahoo News, adding that he has been "close friends" with George W. Bush since age 13, and has gotten to know Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan over the years. He even received furnishings advice from Bush Senior: "We were discussing desks," Wade recalled. "Most presidents don't really like to do work in the Oval Office, but he told me he really enjoyed the resolute desk, and really liked to work in there."

As for the wife and kids? While they're not allowed to touch anything in Wade's masterpiece, they do "dress up like the Kennedys for drives in his vintage car." Watch the video tour below.

The Video:

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