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Kelly Wearstler's Toned-Down Estate Finally Hits the MLS

Looks like the ever-fascinating fascinator-obsessed interior and fashion designer Kelly Wearstler has embraced the long-lost art of the make-under: the 11,300-square-foot Beverly Hills estate she shares with her husband, real estate developer Brad Korzen, has just appeared on the MLS. The 1926 house, remodeled into a Hollywood Regency beaut in the '30s, hit the market as a $46M pocket listing in Oct. 2010 and was recently PriceChopped to its current $39M ask. Curbed LA notices that the new listing is accompanied by a fresh crop of photos that show not the over-the-top-glam (and quite divisive) decor that's made Wearstler so famous but rather much more pared-down interiors. Thankfully, the estate's maximalized glory was eternalized in the Oct. 2009 issue of Vogue, which recorded details such as "horn-legged tables, black-lacquer-and-brass furnishings and objets, ebony leather Chesterfield sofas, and an alarmingly overscaled nude sculpture (torsos, busts, and other statuary abound in the house." Long live the "seventies chandelier of tangled Lucite rods!"

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