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Is Midcentury Master Alvar Aalto to Blame For This Disaster?

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According to the Finnish brokerbabble, this downright ugly pile was designed by the legendary architect Alvar Aalto. A patron saint of Scandinavian design, Aalto designed several factories with accompanying housing, and with a completion date of 1949, it is chronologically plausible that he designed this slope-roofed dwelling. Needless to say, the owners have not exactly stuck to Aalto's refined minimalism, instead stuffing the place full of junk. All that said, this three-bedroom house might be the cheapest way to own one of Aalto's residential projects. Located in Imatra, near the border with Russia, the house is listed for the equivalent of $78K.
· 59,000 [oikotie.fl via Lovely Listing]