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NBC Casting For New Primetime Show: Home Transformers

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The good people over at casting company Smart Dog Media are looking for designers, builders, decorators, and craftsmen for Home Transformers, in-the-works NBC show. Per an ad that just landed in the Curbed National Inbox, the show is structured as a "competition series [with] amazing crafstmen who will rebuild and transform rundown homes across America into EPIC & UNFORGETTABLE creations!" Oh, and the top dog will apparently "WIN a life changing grand prize!!!"

Whereas shows such as Design Star (and any American Idol-esque competition series) parlay amateurs into professionals, it sounds like this will focus on established design-world folks from the get-go: "Do you the best in the business?" With Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is kaput, Home Tranformers, if/when it airs, will become the only primetime show on a major network with a home design/renovation focus. Those interested can reach out here.

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