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Lil Wayne's Ultra-Steely Dude's Pad Lingers On the Market

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Looks like Lil Wayne hasn't had much luck selling the 10,000-square-foot McMansion he owns in Kenner, La., outside his native New Orleans. The rapper bought the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion in 2006 and listed it for $1.7M last July, which is where it lingers some 250 days later. Some highlights from the blinged-out interiors, which happen to look timeworn in the listing photos: a fully stainless steel kitchen, a curved glass-and-chrome bar, a fitness room with rubber floors, and a marble staircase with gold trim. And, like any good musician's home, this one has a healthy dose of scandal and drama: earlier this year, Lil was cited for neglecting to cut the grass.
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