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Raphael Soriano For Sale; AIA Billings Strong; West Elm

LONG BEACH, CALIF.—The Kimpson/Nixon House, designed by architect Raphael Soriano, has hit the market for the first time since it was built, in 1940. An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles describes it as a " beautiful house strongly influenced by Richard Neutra." It's asking $699,o00. [Curbed LA]

EVERYWHERE—The American Institute of Architecture's February Billings Index, which was released today, shows sunny stats: the demand to hire architects for new projects has reached its five-year pinnacle. [The Real Deal]

THE INTERNET—Yesterday furnishings retailer West Elm released its summer collection. Here's a look. [West Elm]

THE INTERNET—Vacation-rentals site Airbnb has bought its British competitor, Crashpaddr. [Airbnb via Fast Company]