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Live-Blogging Curbed's Moving Power Hour, City by City

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Welcome to Rookie Roosts 2012's Moving Power Hour! For the next full hour, Curbed National—along with every Curbed city blog—will become moving/movers central, and that means all the moving horror stories, Yelp reviews of moving companies, and ridiculous things offered on Craigslist in exchange for help moving you can handle. Below, we're liveblogging the action, culling content from the city sites as well as from our own stalker tendencies. Stay with us from 2 to 3 p.m. EST.

2:03: Off to a good start. Curbed Atlanta finds a company whose sole mission in life is to make sure moving companies don't scam you. It's named, appropriately,

? Who knew packing all of one's crap into a truck could be so elegant? Thanks to a sharp eye and some serious photo editing, a friend of Curbed SF was able to make his move from San Francisco to Portland, Ore., ever the more lovely.

The folks over at Curbed Philly are taking a highly educational approach to Moving Power Hour; over here for “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" and the "Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association."


Moving-juggernaut deathmatch: per the official info online, the largest truck offered by Hertz is a 24-footer that accommodates eight rooms of furniture. Curiously, U-Haul's 26-footer accommodates "four-plus bedrooms."


? Looks like one Yelper is no fan of Schleppers Moving and Storage. Apparently the NYC moving company did some really bad stuff.

One Hamptons mover takes to Craigslist to scream out loud, apparently: "YOUR MOVER DIDEN,T [sic] SHOW UP ? NOT A PROBLEM- WE DO EMERGENCY MOVES !!! ( WE HAVE NEVER NOT SHOWN UP !!!!! )" Amen, bro!


Curbed LA has found a contender for the worst moving company on the globe: "It took the movers over an hour to get from my old house to my new house, which is a whopping 1 mile away. When I asked what had taken them so long, the driver explained that they made a stop along the way at an acquaintance's residence. They must have had some kinda fun time, because one of the movers smelled like alcohol when they showed up at our new house to unload the stuff."


? Here's Curbed editorial assistant Jackie moving out of her dorm room during her sophomore year of college. Good times.

A tidbit of terrificness from Curbed DC:
"Me and another guy were moving everything out of a house in Georgetown for this rich couple. The furniture was all high-end, good value stuff. The owners were made of money and kind of acted like it. We lifted up a huge wooden dresser that was obviously an antique and the drawers all slid out. The very bottom drawer was filled with hardcore porn mags, like bestial stuff and everything. We had to sit there and stuff it back in the dresser and pretend that nothing happened."

Curbed Philly deems this the most "Philly name for a moving company ever": Balboa Moving Full-Service Movers." Marketing strategy involves a photo of Rocky, of course.


When ultra-rich socialite Candy Spelling moved out of her 57,000-square-foot Los Angeles manor, she needed 30 removal vans and 123 rooms to pack up.

September 1 is a notoriously mayhem in Boston, thanks for the bajillion students moving in. It's such an ordeal that Boston Mayor Mike Menino went on the record about it.


A new three-person moving company has an innovative premise: They'll move you in for free?if you let them perform a 40-minute play in your new home. The show is called THISISMYREALLIFE, and it is about moving, for anyone who's eager to immediately relive the experience.

And now, the start of a neverending cartoon about moving (the rest is here):


Guess what? Author David Sedaris used to be a mover. And lived to tell (and write) about it.

Do you want to know the exact location of every Budget Truck Rental in Seattle? Obviously you do.


Movers a bit too overeager that their clients are moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan turn out to be film guys filming a movie during the move. You can't make this stuff up. Curbed NY has the horror story.

The horror stories continue in L.A., where a Curbed LA reader recounts "books were thrown into boxes so carelessly that when I unpacked, covers were ripped off, books were ripped in half" and "broken lamps, broken end tables, broken TV, two broken bookshelves, broken couch—which is the most expensive item I own."

Is this the best moving-company name of all time? ?


Sweet, so someone in Boston is offering two pallets of bricks from a Victorian chimney. Just what everyone who's ever moved truly needs.

New York is a tough city to make it in. So tough, in fact, that people enlist the help of random strangers for their moves.

All done! Here's something nice as a final thought: seven things you can get in Los Angles moving sales right now.