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Jets' Tim Tebow Eyes Quaint Cottage Rental in North Jersey

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When the famously pious NFL QB Tim Tebow was signed to the New York Jets, the team told him to move to Jersey, out of fear that big bad New York City would distract and corrupt the Florida native. Now it seems Tebow's real estate moves are set to distract former Jets #1 Mark Sanchez. Tebow has apparently set his sights on a $10,000 per month rental at the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, N.J., one that's nearly identical to the one rented by Sanchez. At least it makes sense for Tebow, who golfs regularly. Sanchez was only shacking up on the course to take advantage of the privacy afforded by the community's gate house. And maybe Sanchez shouldn't take this so personally, because Tebow seems to have Trump on the brain. According to the Post, he checked out Trump Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan before settling on Jersey.
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