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More Peeks Inside Justin Bieber's Would-Be Dream Home

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The pop star Justin Bieber, for all his obvious fortune, has not had the best luck in the real estate market of late. First, the glassy modern Hollywood Hills home he first so desired was apparently bought out from under him by a fellow celebrity, and the guy renting that house at the time, Ashton Kutcher. Now, the teen idol has some more prosaic real estate problems. The Calabasas, Calif. house he settled on has apparently run into trouble with the lender's appraiser. The Spanish-style home, most recently listed for $6M, has just been appraised for much, much less, meaning the deal might not go through. Bieber will have to front more cash or walk away thanks to a regulation passed in the wake of the mortgage crisis that requires lenders to loan based on the appraised value. Then again, this kid is, according to Forbes, worth more than $53M and continues to rake it in. In short, if he wants this place, he'll get it. In the meantime, take a look at some more photos from the kid's could-be hacienda.
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