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Come Take a Tour Through California's Smallest Apartment

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Thanks to housing developer Patrick Kennedy and his revolutionary SmartSpace model apartment, Californians may soon look at 160 square feet differently. "If your life exists largely outside your dwelling place, as it does either in the outdoors or in the big city, then you don't need quite such a big space," says Kennedy in a Fair Companies video tour, adding, "160 is enough, actually, provided you don't have too many large dinner parties." His 10-foot-wide prefab urban housing unit—square-footage wise the smallest legal apartment size in the state of California—was built for about $200K and is in testing right now. Designed as "a larger and hipper version of Lego blocks," SmartSpace boasts a banquette that becomes both a table and a bed, a shower that encompasses the whole bathroom, a heavy bamboo front door ("something you'd see in a high-quality hotel"), a frosted-glass door that slides to create privacy, and built-ins that serve all sorts of purposes. Kennedy has grand plans for version 2.0; changes include increasing the width by a foot, separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom, and installing more countertops, a larger sink, more storage, and a convection oven. “Someone asked Aristotle Onassis, 'What was your secret to being rich?' And he said two things: Always have a sun tan and always have an address in the best part of town even if it's a broom closet," says Kennedy, whose experience turning a 78-square-foot Airstream trailer has made him more sympathetic to the needs of small-space denizens. In SmartSpace, for example, there's even overhead suitcase storage—something that's definitely lacking in that 90-square-footer in New York! Watch the video tour below.

The Video:

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