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Introducing Curbed's Inaugural Rookie Roosts Week!

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Three weeks from today, Curbed National and all Curbed city sites will spend some time exploring the murky, oft-terrifying world of first-time homebuying in a network-wide Rookie Roosts theme week. On the local blogs, that means: maps and guides for first-time buyers, neighborhood tips and advice, and reports from the front lines of buying property for the first time. Here on Curbed National, look for starter homes in the House of the Day column and a nationwide contest to find the absolute worst first-time homebuying experience out there: the winner, no doubt in desperate need of home decor and furnishings, will win a $2,500 gift card to the home store of their choice. Which means now's the time to send your horror stories to the tip line:

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A bit more info on how the contest will work: Curbed National, as well as all the individual city sites, will collect the entries and put the best and the brightest up to a vote toward the end of Rookie Roosts week (March 26 through March 30). The winners from that round will all face off in a massive contest hosted here on Curbed National—all voting dates and times TBD. Then—and here's the big thing—the national winner will claim their rightful $2,500 gift card. Standard contest rules apply.

Our tipline's officially open, so go ahead and send your ghoulish tales immediately. Then sit back and start dreaming of better days ahead.