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Carrie Bradshaw's Original Sex in the City Home Tries Flip

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Said to be the inspiration for Carrie Bradshaw's brownstone apartment—and the site of some early filming—the townhouse at 64 Perry Street in Manhattan (above, at left) sold last fall for $9M. Now, it's back on the market, with a slightly adjusted price tag of $9.85M. According to an article on the house in the Times, the show's producers were drawn to the iconic facade, the high-profile residents (like Tim Gunn, later star of Project Runway), and the quiet, treed block. Sex in the City die-hards might be more attracted to the house next door, number 66, which served as Carrie's home for the bulk of the show and continues to draw tourists looking for a snapshot. Those in the market for a historic home, rather than an expensive souvenir, would do better with this place, built in 1866, which has some perfectly-preserved historic details but is a little rough around the edges. At least it hasn't yet been tainted by some renovator's heavy hand.

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