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The Selling Power of the Long-Dead First American President

Up and down the East Coast, our much beloved first president, George Washington, is named-dropped more than most in historic listings. We can't be sure if all the connections to the general and statesman are valid, but we'll let you be the judge. Here are five listings that can't help but mention Washington in the provenance. This first one goes for the gold, with the claim that the stately Georgian home once belonged to John Augustine Washington, none other than George's brother. Set on 4.2 acres of Potomac River waterfront in Montross, Va., the 22-room estate boasts 13 bedrooms, six baths, eight fireplaces, and a deepwater dock. Best of all, the buyer stands to benefit from another's mistake. Though the house last sold in 2007 for $2.25M, today it's listed for just $1.4M. Looks like GW doesn't go so far in a down economy.

? This rural retreat in Fort Plain, N.Y. is known as General Cochran Farm, and General John Cochran was Washington's personal physician. After his service in the war, the doctor built himself this colonial home on 177 acres of pastureland. There's no mention of whether the president ever paid a visit, but the home's many historic features are a decent substitute for actually walking in his bootsteps. Given the intact acreage, the asking price of $1M doesn't sound too bad. Plus, it's located just an hour from the horse mecca at Saratoga.

? For some wartime history, this Malvern, Pa. estate was the site of a Continental Army camp on September 16, 1777, during the Battle of the Clouds. Frankly, some of the interior spaces look like they might still be camped outside, with period correct fireplaces and a musket hanging on the wall. Said to be part of an original William Penn land grant, as well as a stop on the Underground Railroad, the grand stone home is listed for $619K. That includes four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a smoke house, and 2.1 acres.

? Not all of Washington's stops were so positive. This quaint 1700 farmhouse in White Plains, N.Y. is said to have been the site of a court martial officiated by the general. Like the last place, this is, however unlikely, also said to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad. Listed for $500K, down from $600K in January, this home offers six bedrooms and plenty of historic details, like a dutch door and huge brick hearth.

? Built at George Washington's instruction as a fortification on the banks of the Hudson, this stone structure is the priciest, listed for $2M. Rebuilt and added on to over the years, the building now houses a comfortable family home, with four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and expansive outdoor space on 1.5 acres overlooking the river. The high price is due, in part, to the quick commute to Manhattan, and also, perhaps, to a certain general's legacy.

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