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Starbucks Opens Another "Concept Shop," Lacks New Concepts

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Starbucks, the worldwide leader in gimmicky, complicated coffee drinks, is quickly becoming the worldwide leader in gimmicky, complicated retail concepts. First, there was the open wood mesh of a one-off store in Japan designed by Kengo Kuma. Next came the drive-thru outlet in Tukwila, Wash. that was fashioned out of discarded shipping containers. Now, the global brand is opening yet another zany take on the coffee shop in Holland, dubbed the Starbucks ‘The Bank’ Concept Store. Trouble is, the Dutch are very well accustomed to unconventional coffee shops and this one is hardly deserving of the "concept" moniker. Sure, it looks nothing like your usual Starbucks, but it also looks highly unoriginal, like the people at Starbucks saw a few Roman & Williams projects and decided to throw together wood, concrete, dark metal, and midcentury furniture. Credit where credit is due, it sort of works, especially considering the cavernous space is located in a basement, but it's hardly original and reeks of a global brand trying to masquerade as a hip, local shop.

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