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Match the Anonymous Scathing Review With the Architect!

Welcome to the world of Archleaks, a new site where—as the name suggests—people can anonymously voice their opinions, praise, and complaints about what it's like to work at some of the world's most famous architecture firms. At this point, one person's diatribe is another's gleeful source of procrastination, but Architizer astutely notes that the site "could prove quite useful [...] By opening up the profession to first-time workers, students would be given a better idea as to what to expect from post-graduate life. [...]" Above, match the reviews to the architecture firm (click the reviews to expand), and find the answers below.

· Archileaks [official site via Architizer]

Answers: 1/D (Gensler); 2/B (Zaha Hadid); 3/A (Foster + Partners); 4/E (OMA); 5/C (Daniel Libeskind)