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Inside the Bonkers Mega-Mansion That Pizza Hut Built

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Today in aerial-photography porn: the massive estate of Richard Freeland, chairman of Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne, Inc. and six affiliated companies that collectively own 46 franchises throughout Indiana and Ohio. Naturally, the details of the property have become the stuff of local folklore in a city where Michael Graves starchitecture asks $279K and the listing pool tops out at $1M. Some reports have the main house at 30,000 square feet with 19 rooms, 16 fireplaces, and construction costs of $35M. Another informed neighbor purports that it's more in the 48,000-square-foot range and includes a "jungle section with a bunch of tropical plants," two old-school elevators "with the sliding cages that you would see in an old hotel," a wine room, a walk-in freezer, and no presidential suite "although Dick is good friends with the Bushes and they have visited a number of times." Outside, there's a pond that's home to bass and walleye and a 10-stall barn. And sorry—no helipad on the roof this time, guys. View an interior shot and the floorplan below and head to the architects' page for more.

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