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The Dominican Republic's Strange/Spectacular Wave House

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Designed by the Spanish architecture firm A-cero Studio, this pair of concrete pavilions crowns a site on the famous Casa de Campo resort, developed from a jungle and sugar plantation in the 1960s by the American conglomerate Gulf+Western. Today owned by the Fanjul family of sugar barons, the resort has grown to include a renowned golf course and dozens of ultra-luxurious homes. This one, currently listed for $13.5M, is known as The Wave House for its unusual curved roof. Beneath that roof are housed six bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, while outside lie the immaculately-kept lawns, the beach, and a huge walk-in swimming pool. Native stone accents are used throughout, while large expanses of glass offer uninterrupted views of the sparkling Caribbean. At 18,000 total square feet, this is one of the larger seafront mansions in the Dominican Republic.
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