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Home Alone House Sells, New Family to Watch Their Kids

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In May, the suburban Chicago house made extremely famous by the 1990 blockbuster Home Alone hit the market for the first time in 20 years. Eleven months and at least one PriceChop later, that property has sold for $1.585M, or roughly two-thirds of the original $2.4M ask. (Despite this, the broker describes the process of selling the place "a privilege and a wonderful experience.") Anyway, a bit about what's in store for the new buyer—and no, it's not the Wet Bandits: a four-room master suite, a patio and screened-in porch, and, of course, the chance to live someplace that's been immortalized as the quintessential American family home. Lovers of the classic Georgian Colonial architecture, fret not, there's still hope for you: a South Carolina firm has produced plans to replicate the silver-screen icon.
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