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An 11,000-Year-Old Mastodon was Found Behind This House

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Location: Glen Ellyn, Ill.
Price: $1,699,000
The Skinny: In 1963, while digging an artificial pond on property owned by U.S. District Court Judge Joseph Sam Perry, Marshal Erb discovered an enormous bone in the bucket of his excavator. With Perry's permission, Wheaton College faculty and students would later recover the nearly-intact, 11,000-year-old skeleton of a mastodon, an enormous, elephant-like creature that roamed the midwest during the last ice age. The skeleton now sits in the Wheaton Science Center, and is fittingly known as the Perry Mastodon. The judge's pond was completed as planned following the excavation, and today several homes back up on the site of the discovery. This one, an Arts-and-Crafts design, is among the largest, with five bedrooms and five baths spread over 5,800-square-feet. Completed in 2006, the well-kept home is currently listed for $1.7M. Plus, there's a little bit of celebrity history here as well, as A-lister Julia Roberts filmed part of her Old Friends documentary on the site in 2002.
· 751 Chidester Street []
· Perry Mastodon [Wheaton College]