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Ten Houses Where the Bonkers Use of Color Reigns Supreme

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Unless you're House Beautiful and know how to properly administer hues such as pink and green, the liberal use of color can be a tricky affair. Pale pink sounds lovely until it becomes a sad, slumped loveshack; purple sounds regal until it becomes a Technicolor mess; and red sounds sexy until it becomes a Valentine's Day disaster. Below, find 10 listings that are nearly unrivaled in their enthusiasm for color both inside and out—of course, enthusiasm doesn't always yield tasteful results.

? Naples, Fla. | $6.449M [Listing]
This Easter egg-colored wonderland in South Florida is a downright mansion: the four-bedroom, four-bathroom house totals 6,400 square feet.

? Larchmont, N.Y. | $2.875M [Listing]
From the outside, this Westchester County five-bedroom has a distinctly Hello Kitty feel; inside, someone took major advantage of all those Victorian moldings.

? Crested Butte, Colo. | $435K [Listing]
This cute little cottage in a Colorado ski town is wildly noticeable from the street; surprisingly, the neutral, nondistinct interior boasts nearly no color at all.

? Boone, N.C. | $1.2M [Listing]
This gingerbread-esque three-bedroom sits in the aptly named North Carolina neighborhood of Heavenly Mountain.

? Duck, N.C. | $1.95M [Listing]
Six hours due East in the state's Outer Banks vacation region, this 4,100-square-foot seven-bedroom looks like something out of a Dr. Suess book.

? Ledyard, N.Y. | $1.1M [Listing]
This temple to insanity belongs to the founders of the MacKenzie-Childs pottery empire—represented ad infinitum in the listing photos, of course—and hit the market in July.

? Gun Barrel City, Texas | $385K [Listing]
An ominous-sounding city outside Dallas is home to a sprightly, almost cheerful, four-bedroom that was listed in September.

? NYC | $1.725M [Listing]
Described in the brokerbabble as having a "Jules Verne meets Tim Burton sensibility," this steampunk-inspired apartment in Manhattan was featured in an episode of HGTV's Selling New York.

? Miami Beach | $19.8M [Listing]
Built in the '20s, this jaw-dropping 13-bedroom megamansion has been the set of a bunch of fashion editorials and ads.

? Sarasota, Fla. | $14.5M [Listing]
Completed in 2000 by architect Guy Peterson, this 7,700-square-foot modern comes with a pool large enough to accommodate a game of waterpolo, a water slide, and a volleyball court.