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Here's an Unfussy Look at Don Draper's New Living Room

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Today the Los Angeles Times blog L.A. at Home notes the sheer force with which Don Draper's new Manhattan digs on the fifth season of Mad Men has hit design blogs. Not without making a dig at certain sites' commentary, Craig Nakano points out that the show's fans are ruthless in finding errors in the set decor: "Is that a 1967 chair in a 1966 scene? Is that refrigerator color really right for the times?"

Anyway, here's how the living room (above) was first described by seasoned design journalist David A. Keeps:
The Draper living room has grass cloth wallpaper and curtains with a matching valance made from retro material from Fabricut. Outside the window wall: a 1964 white metal patio dinette set by Samsonite that Didul purchased on eBay. The modular sofas and ottoman were designed by "Mad Men" production designer Dan Bishop and built by Omega Cinema Props. Don's Lied Mobler black leather lounge chair came from Galerie Sommerlath in Los Angeles; the magazine rack is from Amsterdam Modern, also in L.A. The glass-topped coffee table is from Deja Vu in Long Beach, and the counter stools are a vintage design by Erik Buk purchased on Craigslist from a Virginia seller." · Midcentury fans 'Mad' for Don Draper's new pad [L.A. at Home]
· 'Mad Men': The story behind Don Draper's new digs [L.A. at Home]