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A San Juan Islands Compound With an Extensive Arsenal

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Location: Orcas Island, Wash.
Price: $9,950,000
The Skinny: The San Juan Islands, a picturesque archipelago at the far northwestern corner of the contiguous United States, are remote enough to attract some interesting characters. This 161-acre compound, at the head of Orcas Island's Massacre Bay, looks like the home of an exploring, big-game-hunting, Teddy Roosevelt type. There are brassy nautical bits, a hanging canoe, animal hide rugs, and, most of all, guns, guns, and more guns. Down in the living room there's an umbrella stand look-alike stocked with a dozen rifles, while upstairs in the master bedroom another twenty long arms are arrayed against a windowsill. Needless to say, for the non-hunting crowd, a tour of this place might give one the willies, but take away the firearms and this is a remarkable island estate, with an enormous boathouse, several well-kept guest houses, a professional grade kitchen with dual wood-fired stoves, and a huge acreage to ensure privacy. All that comes at a steep price: $9.95M.
· 6389 Deer Harbor Rd [Windemere Real Estate]