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Exclusive Domino First Look: "The Makeover Manual"

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Today marks roughly three years and two and a half months since the beloved decorating magazine Domino first folded; two and a half months since rumors started swirling about the magazine's rebirth; and two months since Condé Nast officially announced its intention: revive the brand in a newsstand-only iteration that would publish seasonally and sell for $11 a pop. Despite an army of tight-lipped publicists (both at Condé Nast and externally) who have been shrouding the new Domino as if it were the Holy Grail, the loose-lipped @dominomag Twitter handle tipped Curbed off that the issue may be available sooner than its original newsstand date of Tues., April 17. Indeed Domino Quick Fixes, as it's called, has already popped up around Manhattan (76th and Broadway, 36th and 7th), Charlottesville, Va. (Barnes & Noble), and at an H-E-B Buffalo Market in Houston like a hot commodity on the black market. Here now, Domino Day, a thoroughly exhaustive look at the new magazine. Expect a pictorial update to the site—as in, a new photo or two of the debut edition—every hour, on the hour, until 6pm EST. C'mon, this will be fun.

Up first in the front of the book: "The Makeover Manual," a "step-by-step style guide for your home." Pairing pretty interior photos that lived their first lives in the original Domino with inset before/after shots and paragraph-long tips and advice, the section includes spreads such as "Fast Furniture Fixes," "Three ways to step up your staircase," "Five ways to wake up walls (and ceilings)," "One fireplace fix," and, above, "Flaw-fixing, eye-catching paint tricks."

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