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Own an Honest-to-Goodness Pyramid in the Arizona Desert

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If domes don't do it for you, here's another geometric oddity-turned-residence: a 3,200-square-foot pyramid rising from the flat, barren desert in Maricopa, Ariz. The three-bedroom, featured as Zillow's House of the Week, was built in 1988 and starts six feet below grade to comprise three stories of living space. Listed for $495K, the home is sited on 13-plus acres and has stained- and cut-glass windows, a patio, "light-filled, open space," as the broker says, and some truly phenomenal decorating choices, particularly in the seating category. Still, it's not hard to realize why such a dwelling would have more appeal as a drive-by destination than a place to live, which must be why the brokerbabble suggests turning the property into "a high end B & B, Dude ranch, or even tour museum with miniature golf." Is there anything more welcoming for guests and passersby than pharoah sculptures?

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