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Insisting Rental is Haunted, Jersey Couple Sues Landlord

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Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Here's a little sprightly bit of news to celebrate the day: a Jersey couple has sued their landlord for the rent they've paid, as well as the security deposit, on a house they've found to be haunted. According to the Asbury Park Press, Josue Chinchilla and Michele Callan witnessed "paranormal activity" such as "lights that switch on and off by themselves, clothes and towels mysteriously ejected from closets, unintelligible whispering, footsteps in the kitchen and a mysterious force tugging at bedsheets during the night."

Photo via Asbury Park Press

Naturally, those experts interviewed have varying claims: a paranormal investigator pinpointed the house as "the site of an active or intelligent haunting", a pastor said it's the victim of "demonic possession", and the orthodontist who owns it said there's absolutely nothing wrong with the property. Meanwhile, while they only inhabited the house for seven days before moving out, Chinchilla was so freaked out about whatever went on inside that he was hospitalized with panic attacks. A judge will hear the case at the end of the month.

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