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Crumbling Former Portuguese Noble Residence Asks $21M

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Europe has, for years, been littered with titled families that have squandered their cash, leaving their opulent homes to billionaire buyers with new money from Russia. Now, Portugal is getting in on that party with this formerly opulent, now vine-encrusted estate, 30 minutes south of Lisbon. The palace, built in the 1500s, sits on 34 acres of land and features extravagances like tiled walls (circa 1570) depicting scenes from Virgil's Aeneid and a temple-like pavilion that lies in the middle of a huge, centuries-old fountain. The property is clearly in need of work, but the interiors are surprisingly well presented given the rough state of the facade and grounds. This could-be fairy tale, could-be money pit doesn't come cheap either, with an asking price of $21.8M.
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