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Boston's Second Biggest Home Sale; Ettore Sottsass, V. 2

THE INTERNET—Long overdue for a redesign, the Architectural Digest website has a spiffy new look that's overall airier, lovelier, and more design-y than its predecessor. However, while some base names—as in, the URLs—indicate when things ran in the magazine, in many cases there's no easy way to determine pub. dates. Unless Curbed missed it? [Arch Digest]

BOSTON—All hail Boston's second biggest home sale of the year so far: a 6,750-square-foot townhouse that just sold for $11M. It nearly reaches the running recordsetter, a $12.5M number. [Curbed Boston]

EVERYWHERE—In honor of its 40th anniversary, Barcelona Design will relaunch the iconic "Mettsass" table, designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1972. [Cool Hunting]

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J.—The infamous Jersey Shore beach house, which is a rental for regular people when not in use by the cast, was recently violated by a bunch of crazed fans. Will "We love you Snooki" graffiti up the property value? [previously; TMZ]