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Billionaire Software Heiress Lists One of her Excess Estates

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Here now, From Curbed Marketplace, highlighting an intriguing real estate listing from the many thousands of properties found in the Curbed Marketplace. Browsing the Marketplace and spot a property worthy of being featured? Send it to the tipline.

Despite being in her mid-20s, movie producer Megan Ellison, like many of her billionaire-heir peers, has already bought many lifetimes' worth of real estate. In 2008, the daughter of Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison kicked off a property spree that would eventually total $32.85 over three mansions in The Birds (a Los Angeles neighborhood with avian-named streets), one of which just hit the market. Built in 1963 but eventually "designed"—as in, extensively remodeled to the point where the original bones are nearly nonexistent—by ultramodern architect Steve Hermann, the chic, glassy pad has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, 13-foot-high ceilings, a layout that wraps around a sweet-looking pool and spa, a bonkers-looking master bath, and utterly spectacular views from all vantage point. Ellison bought the place for $12.6M and is hoping to turn it for $15.5M, but that's not to say she wants out of sight, out of mind: she owns the place right next door and another nearby. What something a tad less expensive? Daddy's equestrian estate is also on the market.

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