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World-Dominating Ikea to Launch Crazy-Modern New TV

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Obviously it was only a matter of time before this happened: Ikea will soon make TVs. In fall the Swedish furnishings retailer, which now counts fully furnished houses and London suburbs among its credits, will break out the UPPLEVA—"not a TV, and it's not a piece of furniture either. It's all in one," if the official marketing video is to be believed. Aside from the pristine, modern, obviously Apple-esque design, the UPPLEVA, which is co-produced by China's TCL Multimedia, comes stocked with a bunch of groovy tech features: a built-in HDTV and Blu-ray/DVD player, 2.1 surround sound, a wireless subwoofer, WiFi capability, and a bunch of USB and HDMI inputs that might otherwise create a moshpit of cables if the unit itself wasn't equipped to sleekly tuck them away. Overall, the new toy, which will retail for roughly $960, fills a niche the brand hasn't yet been able to resolve: "No matter where we go, one problem keeps coming back: the problem of how to fit the TV in the living room." Watch the video below.

The Video:

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