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In Stockholm Port, the Houseboat Done Right for $770K

Launched as a canal-going cargo ship in 1909, "Argo" was recently converted into a houseboat, a very luxurious houseboat. Usually, due to the space constraints of the marinas that house them, houseboats are cramped affairs, with little more than a bed and stove and low ceilings. Not so in this spacious Swedish ship, currently moored in central Stockholm. The cargo compartment, it's giant hatch converted to a skylight, serves as the lofty living room, with portal windows, 13-foot ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, and space enough for a baby grand piano. The rest of the ship is done up in typically refined Swedish style, with a white and wood color scheme and a few nautical touches left behind as reminders of the ship's past—like the bulkhead door in the living room. There's a full kitchen with dishwasher, a glorious master bedroom, a bunk room for the kids, and a glassy wheelhouse perfect for cocktail parties. We're not sure anyone would want to spend a Swedish winter aboard this floating palace, listed for $770K, but it would make a highly unique summer home.
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