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Now Hiring For Curbed Connecticut, Westchester, and Cape!

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That drumbeat you hear? Our armies, kicking off 2012 with more Curbed regional expansion to lands far and near. Up next, or at some point in our future: Connecticut, Westchester County, and the Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket region. Which means now is the time for editors who can make the magic happen to step forward onto the dancefloor. Intrigued? Read on.
Curbed is looking to hire a local residents of the Connecticut, Westchester, and Cape Cod areas who have mainlined into the soul of their region's real estate scenes. For all three markets, we're looking to take a Curbed Hamptons-style approach, which means that not just real estate knowledge but also a passion for the towns, restaurants, and retail scenes of those communities is a huge plus. In Connnecticut, our counties of special interest will include Fairfield, Litchfield, and Hartford.

This is a freelance gig with commensurate pay; you'll be able to work from anywhere you want so long as you keep your ear close to the ground for good real estate, city-planning, architecture, neighborhoods, and parks & rec intel.

If you think you fit the bill, drop an email to with a brief description about yourself and a paragraph or two about why you're interested in the job. If you've got a blog, please include a link to it as well. No resumes, please. If we like what we see, we'll be in touch quickly. Thanks. And away we go.