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Here Now, the Most Delirious Reactions to the New Domino

Sweet, so Domino Quick Fixes—Condé Nast's quarterly, newsstand-only reincarnation of the beloved decorating magazine that folded in 2009—has officially hit newsstands. Well, actually it hit some newsstands last week—here's a look through the debut issue—but most vendors will begin stocking it today.

Arguably the biggest shelter launch in recent years—save for Lonny, of course—the new Domino has already garnered the full spectrum strong reviews. Over on Design Blahg, Erica Reitman (an avid Domino 1.0 reader) writes: "On one hand, I was so damn happy to be back in that world. To just be holding a magazine that said 'Domino' on the cover with the smell of fresh ink wafting up to my nose. On the other hand, I'm feeling like we all just got totally punk'd," continuing: "CREATE SOME ORIGINAL FUCKING CONTENT!"

The recycled-content thing seems to have ticked a lot of industry people off—among them, ex-Domino editor in chief Deborah Needleman. Yet not all reviews are scathing; in fact, a large continent of the original readership seems totally psyched about the relaunch. Read some of the most gleeful reactions above.

As for chatter from the less-than-thrilled set, browse this gallery here:

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