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Lenny Kravitz Unveils Totally Bitchin' Chairs For Kartell

Lenny Kravitz, everyone's favorite interior decorator, has collaborated with the legendary French design juggernaut Philippe Starck on new line of chairs for Kartell. Unveiled this week at Milan's annual Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the collection reinterprets Starck's iconic Mademoiselle chair with textiles one might naturally associate with the rockstar's "Bordello Modern" signature look: faux fur, reptile patterns, and weaves. "Ever since I was a kid I was really concerned with how my room was, even the lighting, how things were laid out," Kravitz tells Cool Hunting in an interview today. "Because it made me feel a certain way, made me hear music a certain way or create music a certain way, just by that feeling. It's all about making your environment so comfortable and inspiring and sexy, that you want to be creative," adding that now that he's worked with Starck the person he'd most like to meet is the late Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. Over here for pics.

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