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A New Jersey Estate Built Atop the Ruins of an Old N.J. Estate

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Location: Bernardsville, N.J.
Price: $27,000,000
The Skinny: Once the site of a legendary stone manor so large its octogenarian owner downsized to an eight-bedroom caretaker's house, the estate known as Upton Pyne was but a 179-acre tract of vacant land when the current owners purchased back in 1998. They set about restoring Upton Pyne to its former glory, spending four years and untold millions to construct a 16,000-square-foot, thirty-room mansion on the ruins of the old structure. Now listed for $27M, the estate features a six-room master suite, a billiard room, conservatory, an antique barn, an original carriage house, a one-bed guest cottage, and the sort of long driveway befitting such a significant estate.
· 67 Ravine Lake Road [Zillow]