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Here Now, Men's Mags Invade Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens has been publishing American interiors since 1922, but it's only recently that the magazine's pristine, styled sets have gotten gritty, thanks to the talents of Gloucester, Mass.-based photographer Nadine Boughton. Splicing together '50s and '60s BHG shots with the most lively components of men's adventure magazines from the same era—think voluptuous women being chased by wild animals or saved by strapping sailors—Boughton has created collages "set against the backdrop of the McCarthy era, advertising, sexual repression, WWII and the Korean War. The cool, insular world of mid-century modern living glossed over all darkness, which the heroic male fought off in every corner,” View one more piece below and then head to her site for the full "True Adventures in Better Homes" series.

· True Adventures in Better Homes [Nadine Boughton Photography via Flavorwire]