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Inside Canada's Amazing and Marvelous Hidden Treehouse

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Here's something that sticks it to all those fancy-schmancy over-the-top treehouses Curbed has looked at before: a modest, 200-square-foot pod tucked away in a densely wooded area of Whistler Mountain. HemLoft, as it's called, is the pet project and summer of home of former software engineer Joel Allen, who set out a couple of years ago to design his dream treehouse in these parts. "I set out to look for the perfect host tree for the egg-shaped treehouse," he writes on the HemLoft site. "By then I had determined that it should be somewhere in the backwoods of Whistler. For one thing, I had spent much time roaming those woods and I felt at home in them." Eventually he found what would become his host tree and built the cozy little orb with materials sourced from Craigslist. "People thought I had gone a little bit mad," Allen told Dwell in the magazine's special Outdoor Issue. "I was compulsively refreshing Craigslist every two minutes waiting for that next item to come up and grab it before anyone else." (Read Allen's full story here.) Anyway, all that clicking yielded an attractive, tiny home with a sleeping loft, deck with mountain views, and workspace. Tour the HemLoft below.

The Video:

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