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Ikea Goes Super High-Designy With New PS 2012 Collection

Ikea may do houses, suburbs, TVs, and weddings, but certain of its mainstays get old. After all, practical as it may be how much can one really do, design-wise, with an EXPEDIT bookcase? Enter the seventh generation of IKEA PS, a collection of 46 new and—according to the press materials—"useful, relevant, stackable, sustainable, flexible, fun, and surprising" products inspired by the brand's history. Created by 19 designers, unveiled at this year's Milan design fair, and expected to hit stores in August, PS 2012 will include pieces made of bamboo, recycled PET plastic, and other sustainable materials. Some standouts: "shoe storage that doubles as seating," "an insect-inspired indoor/outdoor steel easy chair," "a children's shelf that mimics a dollhouse," a metal tuba sofa taking cues from its '70s predecessor, a sprightly polka-dot textile ("dots are energetic and spread joy"), and a wood/plastic composite armchair "that brings out the best in both materials." Have a look below.

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