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The Five Largest Houses Currently On the Market in America

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Sure, the country's largest house is the 90,000-square-foot Florida behemoth known as the American "Versailles," but the construction on that misbegotten enormity was stalled and therefore the mansion hasn't actually been finished yet. (Buyers can pay $100M for the completed structure or a lesser $65M for the property as-is.) Thus presenting the five other largest homes on the market in the country, here now.

First up, the North Jersey Gilded Age mansion known as Blairsden, which presides over 34 acres of forest and formal gardens. Built by New York Yacht Club commodore C. Ledyard Blair in 1903, the manor is notable these days for being #5 on our list of the largest homes currently for sale in the United States. Measuring 50,000 square feet, the massive spread boasts 31 bedrooms and 16.5 baths, enough to have once served as a convent. The price is $4.9M, a bargain by most standards, and a price that some say is influenced by the spooky lore surrounding the property. After the mansion was sold by Blair's heirs, it served as a convent. Local legend holds that the Mother Superior, either possessed by the devil or entranced by some pagan ritual, murdered her fellow nuns and today patrols the grounds as a ghost. The pragmatist would say that makes for a good deal, after all, who's scared of a ghost, but the stream of ghost-hunting lookie-loos may put a few buyers off.

? Coming in at #4, this unique 50,000-square-foot compound in the Hollywood Hills once served as a top secret film studio for the U.S. military, developing films of nuclear bomb tests and the like. Today, it's been converted into a private home with extra space for artistic endeavors. The eight-bedroom, 12-bath property is currently listed for $5.75M.

? Dominating a hilltop in the Denver suburb of Parker, Colo., #3 on our list is a 50,397-square-foot mansion that's all about the big numbers: 11 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a 70-acre lot, a 16-car garage, 10 fireplaces, and a $19.5M price tag. The extravagantly done interiors include an indoor swimming pool with spa and the furnishings seem to be included in the price tag.

? Hidden in rural western Massachusetts, #2 is the 1888 French-style stone structure known as the Searles Hopkins Castle. Measuring 54,246 square feet, the seven-story mansion has 40 rooms, including 14 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, accented by 36 fireplaces. One of those rooms, a Louis XIV drawing room, is decorated with gold leaf and original painted ceiling, while the music room sits beneath a 42-foot domed ceiling. After the original owner's death in 1902, the home was operated as a girl's school for a time and by the mid-1980s was operating as the John Dewey Academy, a school for troubled teens. The school put the house, located in Great Barrington, Mass., up for sale in 2007 with a $15M asking price that has since been chopped to $11M.

? Despite coming in at #1 on our list of the country's largest homes for sale, Eschman Meadows might have some of America's worst listing photos, so sorry about that. Just judging by the numbers—and the few small, grainy photographs—this 55,000-square-foot brick estate earned its title. Nestled on 200 acres in Newark, Ohio, near Columbus, Eschman Meadows was compiled and constructed by the CEO of the Longaberger basket company and includes seven bedrooms, 15.5 bathrooms, eleven fireplaces, and absolutely cavernous entertaining spaces. The remote estate, located not far from Longaberger headquarters, is listed for $15M.

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