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Behold the World's First Public, Gay-Friendly Senior Housing

Slated for fall in what's been nicknamed "the Philadelphia Gayborhood": the first-ever fully publicly funded residential development that's being marketed toward gay seniors. According to AOL Real Estate, William Way Senior Residences was the brainchild of Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal, who has been championing affordable housing for the aging GLBT population for a decade, and will now become a reality thanks to an $11M tax credit as well as $8M in state and city grants. "Most [gay seniors] were in the closet most of their lives," Segal said. "They don't have the same support systems that other seniors would have." AOL Real Estate has floorplans and early shots of the residences, as well as a brief survey of other gay-friendly affordable senior housing around the country—all of them except for this new Philly project have been backed by a mix of public and private funds.

· 1st Gay-Friendly Public Housing to Rise in Philadelphia [AOL Real Estate]