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Ikea Unleashes Brand-New Graffiti-Art Campaign in Italy

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Although the concept of pairing street art with Ikea may seem totally off—is there anything remotely improvised and/or expressive about furniture that comes with an instruction manual?—the two have actually been mates since 2009, when graffiti juggernaut Banksy immortalized the Swedish chain in one of his pieces. Now it's Ikea's turn: in honor of the Milan design fair (which ended yesterday), the retailer unleashed a team of street artists to paste black-and-white stenciled figurines on its subway ads, as well as turnstiles, steps, and other surfaces throughout the metro system. Of course, this isn't the first time the brand has played around in a European transit system: in January, Ikea installed a full-on apartment—equipped for sleeping, eating, and hanging out—in the Paris underground. You know, just because.

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