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The House Where Acquitted Axe Muderer Lived Out Her Days

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Though the term wasn't coined until 1907, the Lizzie Borden murder case would have qualified as the "trial of the century" back in 1892. The brutal slaying of her parents drew national attention, but went unsolved when Borden was acquitted. Following the trial, Borden moved out of the Fall River, Mass. house where the murders were committed—92 Second Street—and into the grand Victorian mansion at 306 French Street. Known as Maplecroft, the estate has been in the same hands for more than 30 years now, and is beginning to show its age from the curb. Still, the infamous resident adds a certain historic cache and pushes the price up to $650K. That's $75K less than the owner was seeking three years ago, but a premium over the $60K he paid for the place back in 1980. The buyer will receive 14 rooms, including seven bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a billiard room, two sunrooms, and a breakfast room, along with original details like mahogany moldings, tin ceilings, and parquet floors. Oh and, most likely, a stream of requests from ghost hunters and other paranormal enthusiasts.
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