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Zaha Hadid's Galaxy SOHO; Chicago's Insley Estate Hits Market

BEIJING—The Galaxy SOHO Beijing, a fluid design by starchitect Zaha Hadid, is progressing nicely, though not necessarily garnering great press in the process. Architizer calls the structure "buttock-like mounds, inarticulate blobs which ostensibly coalesce into 'continuous open spaces.'" When complete, the complex will measure 3.55M square feet. [Architizer]

CHICAGO—The 24-room estate built by Holabird & Roche for railroad baron John Insley Blair might not stack up to the famous Schweppe Estate down the block—after all, it's only half the size at 11,700 square feet—but the $4M brick estate is still a notable remnant of the Gilded Age. Check out the basement floor plan, it's a spooky warren of rooms fit for a horror flick. [Curbed Chicago]

THE INTERNETJohn Derian, the decoupage artist and shop owner, just announced a partnership with virtual card website Paperless Post, to deliver faux vintage paper products to your virtual inbox. The cards, many of which have nineteenth-century themes, are currently available on Paperless Post. [Paperless Post]