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Ikea to Rent the Space its Catalog Occupies in Your Home

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This being Ikea fortnight on Curbed, apparently—see the brand's new TV, in-store wedding, high-design new collection, graffiti-art campaign, "break-up room," and that cardboard digital camera—it's only natural that there would be a marketing stunt making news, too. Indeed, the Australian arm of the furnishings retailer has offered its customers redeemable-in-store rent checks for the space occupied by the Ikea catalog (22 by 20 centimeters). The Rent Direct campaign, designed to increase the shelf life of the catalog—"Ikea products use space cleverly, so why shouldn't the catalogue do the same?"—was conceived by Australian ad firm 303Lowe and honored at this year's D&AD awards.

Here's the video:

The Video:

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