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What You Get For $1.75M Around the Curbed Universe

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what set dollar amounts buy in the ever-growing list of cities that comprises the Curbed universe. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out!

This week in Curbed Comparisons we're taking a look at a middling price point in the luxury market: $1.75M. It's enough money to find some homes that were professionally designed and others that were expensively customized beyond most buyers' recognition. Case in point, this 1951 build in Seattle. Purchased for just $535K back in 2002, the house has been substantially upgraded since then, and is now listed for a heady $1.7M. Some of those upgrades, like the, um, unique kitchen and bathrooms, might not appeal to all buyers, but others, like the well landscaped grounds and refinished decks add value to this midcentury spread. A black bottom swimming pool and stunning views of Puget Sound add further value to the five-bedroom offering.

? With the America's Cup set to hit the waters off San Francisco this summer, this glassy condo in the city's Russian Hill neighborhood is making the most of it's choice vantage point. Listed for $1.798M, the high-rise, two-bedroom condominium boasts sweeping views of San Francisco Bay from all rooms, as well as a balcony, but the views inside are less impressive. The kitchen might have double ovens, but they're ancient, as is the electric range, and the tile countertops aren't exactly modern either. Of course, with a little work, this could be a showplace, just bring extra cash.

? Back east in Philadelphia, the sum of $1.75M will secure one buyer a stunning stone shell, built in 1910, but also sidle that lucky individual with the task of tearing out the home's current godawful interiors. The grand stone Tudor-style mansion sits on 2.8 landscaped acres and looks most deserving of a renovation, but the daunting task of fixing up the six-bedroom, 6,600-square-foot spread may turn off some potential purchasers.

? In Boston's Back Bay, we had to go a bit over budget—to $1.795—to find something suitable for this round-up. The full-floor three bedroom looks to be move-in ready, but is looking a little soulless, especially considering the historic building. The moldings and fireplace are all well and good, but the beige kitchen is playing spoiler. A little personalization and this could make a perfect family home in urban New England.

? Ah, the Hamptons. Our $1M+ house hunts always seem to make a stop here (usually because you can't find much in these parts for less). Even a budget of $1.75M fails to turn up many breathtaking homes in the land of the eight-figure price tags, but this quaint East Hampton cottage, listed for $1.75M, is a well-presented option, though it's located in a relatively densely populated area that doesn't seem quite as beachy as one would expect. The four-bedroom, three-bath shingled home has a good-sized swimming pool, a detached garage, and a porch perfect for wiling away summer afternoons.

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