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Inside Cincy's Magical and Tripped-Out "Mushroom House"

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Part Tim Burton, part Pixar, and every bit bonkers, Cincinnati's well-known, much-loved Mushroom House was designed by the late architect Terry Brown with help from 35 of his former students from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. The team built the one-bedroom, one-bathroom, 1,260-square-foot residence using the sort of quirky materials Brown grew famous for: metal, wood, glass, shell, and ceramics. Now the home, complete with anthropomorphic window shapes, colorful stained glass, tiled ceilings, and irregularly shaped walls clad in everything imaginable, has been listed for $349K. If you're thinking it's more museum than residence, think again: Brown bought the property in 1989, commenced work on it three years later, and lived it in for two years before his 2008 death. So, you know, anything's possible.

· 3331 Eerie Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio [Zillow via Zillow Blog]