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Not to Be Outdone by Bieber, Ashton Kutcher Buys in SoCal

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Houses can become famous for a wide variety of reasons; among them, boasting a well-known architectural pedigree, hosting scandalous, widely publicized affairs, and offering a roof over a celebrity's head. This 2006 contemporary, designed by Los Angeles-based firm Mills Studio, is about as A-list as it gets these days. The Hollywood Hills house has been hosting a newly single Ashton Kutcher for the tune of $50,000 a month (he sold off his pre-Demi Moore bachelor pad in July) and was recently scouted by teen sensation Justin Bieber, who set his sights on the glassy pad in hopes of gifting himself a modest 18th birthday present.

Of course Kutcher, none too thrilled to have his space invaded by a teen, has bought the place himself for $3.64M—shockingly modest, considering Bieber was willing to fork over nearly $11M. Perched on a hillside above the Hollywood Reservoir, the 9,400-square-foot modern gem mixes interior and exterior space with a series of cantilevered rooms, some projecting out over the patio and pool area and all with unencumbered water views. Seems like there will be plenty of room for Kutcher and his growing bevy of female admirers to hang out and soak up the good life, not to mention just enough Zen and open space for the actor to thoughtfully practice for his role as Steve Jobs in the forthcoming biopic.

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