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For Sale: The Childhood Home of Late-Night Host Jimmy Fallon

Recently Late Night host Jimmy Fallon Tweeted that he would like his childhood home, a quaint and historic three bedroom in Saugerties, N.Y., to find a "cool" buyer, because it was such "a great place to grow up." The house in question is currently listed for $220K, and includes a renovated kitchen, a guest cottage that could be rented for income, and even a tap system to serve beer from a keg. Perhaps that's why Fallon has such fond memories of the place, but either way, this suburban New York house will probably sell quicker than its neighbors thanks to the celebrity connection and a tweet from the celebrity in question to his 5.2 million followers. Hopefully the cemetery abutting the backyard won't spook any potential buyers.
· 102 Overbaugh Street [Westwood Realty]
· @jimmyfallon [Twitter]