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Smooth Dude Barry Manilow Relists His Beachfront Contempo

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Some news sure to please Fanilows everywhere: Barry Manilow has put his gated, walled Malibu, Calif., home on the market again. According to Trulia Luxe Living, the singer/songwriter bought the 3,500-square-foot beachfront contemporary for $3.85M in 2002, tried to sell it for $12.6M in 2009, PriceChopped it to $10.9M, and eventually took it off the market. This time around Manilow seem to have more earthly aspirations; after all, he's asking a relatively humble $6.95M.
Judging from the photos, parts of the four-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom abode are downright odd: the step-down living room, the airy ocean views interrupted by gobs of wood interior shutters, a taffeta-type curtain hanging awkwardly and function-less against a wall of an equally awkward bathroom—although the puppy photo hanging in there is pretty cute—and a sort of guest suite that appears to have zero right angles. That said, this place is sandwiched between the ocean and the street on a prime block of the city, plus there's a charming back patio, verandas overlooking the Pacific, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls in many of the rooms. And it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to have a soak in that master tub, now, would it?

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