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Proposed Mumbai Tower to Feature Swimming Pool Balconies

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The architect James Law, who heads the firm James Law Cybertecture International, has proposed a 30-story tower for the Indian city of Mumbai with a distinct, and seemingly dangerous, marquee feature: private swimming pools on each of the balconies. Each of the building's units, organized in the shape of the ohm symbol, would have a glass-walled plunge pool extending out from the edge of a rail-less balcony. The sky-high infinity pool has been done before, most famously at the Moshe Safdie-designed Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, where the edge of the infinity pool spills over onto an observation deck just one floor down. In this case, there is no such safety net against falling to inevitable death. We're not sure what the building codes are like in Mumbai, but chances are this thing won't be built to these renderings.

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