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Now You Can Own the Hunger Games' District 12 For $1.4M

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Try and contain your excitement: Henry River Mill Village, N.C., which was used as the impoverished Appalachian coal-mining town of District 12 in the film The Hunger Games, is on the market for $1.4M. According to the Associated Press, since the smash-hit movie's release the town has been slammed with Capitol-style stargazers arriving in droves to see the live, in-the-flesh-structures that served as, say, Katniss Everdeen's family's shack and the Mellark family's bakery. Amazingly, the 83-year-old current owner of Henry River Mill Village lives across the river and hasn't actually read the books. Let's just hope the new owner doesn't take the town off the North Carolina tourism board's "Hunger Games' 4-Day Itinerary" lest the state utterly collapse.

· North Carolina gets ready for 'Hunger Games' fans [Associated Press via CNBC]